Jeep Wrangler FX4.0S SuperCharger Kit

Factor-X Engineering

May. 01, 2003 By ORC STAFF
Las Vegas, Nevada: Factor-X Engineering is a full service high performance automotive shop located on the grounds of the Las Vegas Speedway in Las Vegas, Nevada. staffers recently toured the facility and discovered these guys are rocking and rolling on a variety of projects. Whether you have a off-road desert race truck or an Acura NSX, these guys are in the business of developing serious horsepower for your vehicle. If you want to chase Robby Gordon at the Baja 1000 or run down your local street demon, Factor-X Engineering is the place to get it done.

One of their projects that has taken the Jeep world by surprise is the two-year old project FX4.0S SuperCharger Kit. Are you ready to beat the rocks, push aside some dirt and get moving fast? If so, check out Factor-X Engineering and their Baja Proven FX4.0S SuperCharger Kit.



FX 4.0S SuperCharger Kit

The FX 4.0S is a premium high performance forced induction system developed for the 1997-2003 4.0L Jeep Wrangler series. Each kit is built with the highest quality components to give you unsurpassed performance and reliability. This Supercharger kit utilizes the Vortech Supercharger and Blow-off Valve, Factor X's custom fabricated brackets, Factor X's advanced fuel system, and state of the art tuning. With over two years of extensive research and development on the FX4.0S, we are able to deliver a product that will satisfy your horsepower and torque needs, all while maintaining factory reliability.

The FX 4.0S is able to increase any 1997-2003 stock Jeep Wrangler 4.0L to an incredible 305HP at the wheels with 306 foot lbs. of torque running only 5.5lbs of boost. (tested on 3 speed automatic transmission, with headers and exhaust results may vary from vehicle to vehicle). That is almost a 75% increase over stock!

The FX 4.0S comes complete with step-by-step instructions on installation, fueling, tuning and hardware. With our experienced technical personnel, we offer a full Tech Support Hotline if you should have a question or may be in a difficult installation situation. Whether you're hitting the trails or burning up the streets, the FX4.0S will satisfy your performance needs.

Factor-X Engineering leads in performance and technology

Factor-X Engineering FX4.0S Kit includes:

Vortech Supercharger
Vortech Blow Off Valve
Factor X's Advanced Fuel System
Professionally Tuned with Dynapacks
K&N Air Filter System
Powder Coated Pressure Pipes
All Necessary Brackets, Gaskets, Fasteners, and Hardware
Comprehensive Installation Manual
Access to a Full Tech Support Line
FX4.0S Custom Badges


Factor-X Engineering recommends the following requirements for the FX4.0S Kit

1997-2003 4.0L Jeep Wrangler
Cylinder Leak Down 15% or less
91octane or greater
Requires modification to wheel well
Hi-Flow Exhaust system (Highly Recommended)

Factor-X Engineering

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