Mac Tools Introduces Zero Degree Ratchet For Easy Maneuvering Into Tight Spaces

Mac Tools Zero Degree Ratchet

May. 01, 2003 By Fidel Gonzales
Zero Degree Performance Allows Easy Maneuvering Into Tight Spaces
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Columbus, OH - Over the years, there has been a trend in ratchet development geared toward higher teeth count and finer ratcheting mechanisms with a lesser degree of lash. This has forced professionals to compromise quality and strength for increased functionality, ultimately decreasing the life span of a ratchet. With the design of the Mac? Zero? Ratchet, professionals can rely on the greater accessibility, strength and maximum performance they expect from Mac Tools products.

The Mac? Zero? Ratchet gets its name from the "gearless" design that prevents any catch or lash that may occur when using a ratchet in tight spaces. This ratchet also provides greater access and maneuverability allowing optimal speed and the highest level of control available during repairs. Additionally, the patented Quick Change? cam and precision ground roller bearing system replaces traditional gear ratcheting mechanisms or teeth for contacting the gear. This creates a smooth action, and an extreme amount of torque can be applied while in use. Complemented by a sealed bearing mechanism that prevents dirt and grease from impeding the action, professionals can benefit from the fast performance and reliability needed to effectively get the job done.

The ergonomic design of the Mac? Zero? Ratchet can help maximize productivity in any shop. The dual durometer, injection molded handle provides maximum grip and comfort preventing user fatigue and reduces slippage when applying torque. In addition, the duplex nickel chrome plating provides excellent corrosion resistance to increase the life span of the ratchet while highlighting the detail and craftsmanship of its handsome appearance.

"At Mac Tools we are very excited about our Mac? Zero? Ratchet that we feel will revolutionize the industry with our gearless design and strength," said Jansen Plesich, Buyer of Mac Tools. "Combining strength and functionality to increase the versatility of this ratchet makes it an ideal tool that anyone can use. Professionals, technicians, and shop owners will not only notice a huge difference in ratchet performance, they won't be afraid to test the limits and strength of this new design."

The Mac? Zero? Ratchet is available for $79.99, and is exclusive to Mac Tools only available from your local Mac Tools distributor by calling 1-800 MAC-TOOLS.

Mac? Zero? Ratchet Vital Statistics (VR10PAZ, MR7PAZ, XR8PAZ)

  • 0? "Gearless" design
  • Quick Change? cam and roller bearing system
  • Precision ground roller bearings create a smooth action
  • Sealed bearing mechanism prevents dirt and grease from impeding the action
  • Ergonomically designed, dual durometer, injection molded handle
  • Duplex nickle chrome plating
  • Available in 1/2" 1/4" and 3/8" Drive
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ZERO DEGREE RATCHET: The Ratchet That Just Won't Slip

EDITOR'S NOTE: It's been a while since I've been on a full-blown tool kick. To tell you the truth, I have been just plain burned out on touching the things. Don't get me wrong, I still love wrenching. I just don't like wrenching, when it is absolutely necessary and an absolute pain in the butt. Routine maintenance is a good thing. A complete tear down, rebuild and install is a pain when I'd rather be navigating the trails during the spring thaw.

Needless to say, I was in a hot hurry to get the Jeep Cherokee motor rebuilt. With deadlines, extensive travel throughout the month and a few hours to catch up on rest on a few evenings every now and again, rebuilding the motor wasn't the hot item on my list of things to do in preparation for spring.

After a lengthy rebuild on the Cherokee 4.0 Liter motor, I had enough. Busted knuckles, baked nerves and tough to reach bolts took their toll. As many of you XJ owners know, the bolts connecting the motor to the bell housing are a bear to break loose and even tougher to tighten up when the job is done. The space is cramped. But what's worse is trying to turn the ratchet in just the right way to get the gears to catch on the darn thing.

Well, I was talking to a friend of mine, Ryan. Representing Mac Tools, him and I chat every once in a blue moon just to catch up on what's new in the world of tools. Well, needless to say, after a few busted knuckles and stripped bell housing bolts, he tells me of an easier way of removing those nuts and bolts between tough to reach places, the Mac? Zero? Ratchet. Maybe wrenching ain't all that bad after all.

It looks sleek. It looks stylish. At first glance, ergonomics are in the design. But, will it perform like a charm? We shall see. As you know, I prefer function over fashion.

And because I've been pulling double duty a few hours a week at the local repair shop, mechanic tools have become as important to me as this keyboard and camera sitting beside me. Not only am I learning a few things here and there, but it's possible that I making a few bucks. In the meantime, we're going to put this Mac? Zero? Ratchet to the test. We'll report back to you next month.

Until then, Jeep on!

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