Buckle up: Off-Road.com has put together a quick-take of the pros and cons of Ford’s powerful pickup.

youth rzrTrain them up in the way they should go.

broken strapSomeone knew this was a bad idea so fortunately, they decided to film it.


windshield fold 3 a

For months, we’ve been bringing you rumors and spy shots about the upcoming JL Wrangler. Now, we give you the best look at the new Jeep yet, from a reportedly leaked copy of the 2018 JL owner’s manual.

Jeep beach jumpJeeps might not be the most aerodynamic in the air but they can certainly get off the ground.

golf cart jumpClearly, this guy would rather be in the dirt or the dunes than playing a round of golf.

Land Rover Defender

It looks like an all-electric Land Rover Defender is an actual possibility in the future. 

Partisan One

Looking exactly like the crate it was shipped in, the Partisan One is a diesel-powered back to basics off-roader with a 100-year warranty.

Vertical ClimbSand Hollow State Park is an off-roaders paradise and this is precisely why.



Remember when Off-Road.com told you about the possibility of a new Wrangler with trail-annihilating levels of power? Well, FCA has revised its horsepower estimate.